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Transportation, Tourism & Travel

Transportation, Tourism & Travel

Reservations and Ticketing

Our solutions team make and confirm reservations for transportation or lodging, or sell transportation tickets. May check baggage and direct passengers to designated concourse, pier, track and deliver tickets and contact individuals or groups to inform them of package tours, we provide tourists with travel or transportation information.
Whether for conference, business or holiday packages, we manage all bookings and back you up too with omni-channel pre-travel services for full product/service coverage.
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We provide live web chat service for customers offering support, direct sales and service management over your websites/mobile applications with self-service tools to help your customers. Digital services/content management tools for faster content publishing, updates, validation and verification, and translation in multiple languages. Web analytics to understand customer behavior, enhance services and improve sales conversions.
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Traveler experience

Our team professionally plan vacation. They’ll help clients find their desired vacation. Their duties include matching clients to select locations and vacation hubs they’ll enjoy and listing activities that your clients can do while on vacation.
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Back Officetransaction management

Our solution incorporates a complete travel back office team to help you effectively manage customers, vendors, BSP and ARC reconciliation, and commission, Leave your processing to us:
Booking requests by mail, Claims processing and re-bookings, Web and mobile content moderation, Loyalty program administration, Cancellation/refunds, Technical support, voucher issuance, Reporting and analysis, VoC.
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