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TELCO industries

TELCO Industries


Strong guidance when a customer is considering a new cell phone plan based on their needs. Considering data and app usage along with what add-ons, Our team will help to determine which plans offer the best features for their money.
Customers will learn which plan is affordable, prepaid, unlimited plans, packages along with those best options for families and seniors.
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Billing &Payments

We help manage your billing and payments. prepaid and post paid plans, customer inquiries, to complex billing, payment and rate setup, and administrative processing, we can handle the full range of billing and payment processing for new and existing policies for your business and consumer clients.
Our goal: the experience and satisfaction of your plan holder.
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Your claims process will never be a complication. Our back office is prepared to support along the entire claim cycle, including claims verification, set-up, payment, coordination of benefits (COB), waiver of premiums, and single and repetitive payments. Ensure timely claims processing and guarantee of resolution to your clients, generating confidence in what is done.
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