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Tech U Support

BPO Revolution delivering top-tier tech-support

Remote Support
Logistics Support

24/7 Technical Support:

We on field and remotely help your businesses to keep track of all incidents and solutions with round-the-clock support for your IT issues, ensuring that problems are resolved quickly and efficiently no matter when they occur.

Field Service Management Activities

Field service scheduling.
Arranging employee schedules, service appointments and expected work order completion timelines.

Field service dispatch management.
Coordinating dispatch, which is when a field service technician or specialist is sent out on a work assignment.

Work order management
Assigning and tracking service work orders from creation through completion to customer invoicing.

Inventory management
Keeping track of parts and supplies, including the transfer of products, consumption, adjustments and more.

Field service contract management
Managing contracts with your customers and ensuring service level agreements (SLAs) are met.

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Field Support

Improve productivity and cost efficiency, reduce risks of accidents like truck rolls
field service technicians can capture images on their devices and access data from remote assets and digital twins to evaluate the root causes of issues.

They can also extend collaboration with AI and AR capabilities that are becoming more standard.

We contribute to create an important experience touch point with post-call surveys, customer feedback collection, and smart escalation management. Provides exhaustive reporting, visibility into operations and analysis of productivity.

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