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Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services

Care Delivery

While virtual care and “telehealth” is undoubtedly here to stay, it will not eclipse in-person care an direct contact, however. Instead, your Patients can expect care with passion on the phone to book appointments also to be encouraged to do more initial consultations via video call, wherein they describe issues to a doctor, nurse or physician’s assistant, we can assist to book a visit or tests accordingly.
With the human touch the patients need, with deep domain expertise in all nuances of healthcare and pharmaceutical services, we care with empathetic and knowledgeable workforce including standards for PCI and HIPAA compliance.
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At InContact we help to integrate disparate systems and processes across the value chain. Our team will manage your network and providers, InContact support services include:

  • Procedures tracking
  • Credentialing support
  • Provider data accuracy
  • Provider demographics load
  • Contract load
  • Appeals & grievances
  • Patient’s records
  • Claims calls & resolution
  • Eligibility & benefits calls

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  • Technical & Device Support

    We make it easy for patients to use the latest healthcare technologies, mobile applications and medical devices with effortless support experiences. Our knowledgeable agents have the understanding, emotional, and problem-solving skills to handle patient’s device-use questions with care and a sense of urgency, given the critical nature of these inquiries. We provide support to institutions as well.
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    Health-Care Management & Member Services

    We carefully manage all support health-care programs helping to deliver value based care for coverage review, prior authorizations, patient services, clinical review, and case registration for workers’ compensation.
    Direct communication with answers for members and patients resolving issues or inquires at first contact. we provide solutions from simple benefits and eligibility questions, book appointments to complex enrollment, claims, and provider search requests, our teams are equipped with empathy and human touch for your members.
    Claims process. Our back office functions provide support for the entire claim cycle, including mailroom services, data entry, adjudication, coordination of benefits.
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