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Energy & Public Sector

Energy, water & Public Sector

New Account & Subscriber growth

Public sector also deserves customer journeys that really make a difference, with a series of actions and interactions our teams will manage billing and service solutios handling emergency and outage communnications
Though every service is different, journey types are consistent with our support. we can have many touch points and cross digital and physical channels. Our underlying processes, people, and systems that support this journeys are key. As a result, customer journeys are the most powerful lever that public sector have to reshape experiences.
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Billing & Service Management

Coordinate phone, front line and back office services driving a real and effective efficiency. Focus customer experience at the top of your public agenda.
Incontact we will manage all billing solutions, new account setup, turn on/off, third-party verification, change of service, payment arrangements, early intervention/reminders, shut-off notice calls, and customer assistance/retention programs.
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ConsumerRelation management

Improve your customer jurney by simplifying and streamlining many of the more complex customer interaction processes.
It is important for companies to consider their operations and sales process professionally managed, Our team will manage your CRM solution and we will answer:
What customer information is relevant to your sales process? How many times does a client make contact with you before they purchase?
How important is repeat business to your company?
Explore our omni-channel contact solutions interacting with your CRM.
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